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Photo - Julie Dexter

Bowen and EMMETT for Humans and Horses - Nottingham, Derbyshire

Equine Therapist

General Information

Professional / Company name Bowen and EMMETT for Humans and Horses
Profession Equine Therapist
Location Derbyshire
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

Assessment and treatments of Horse and Rider

Assessment. EMRT ( Equine Bowen) and Emmett therapy treatment of  horse

Bowen therapy/ Emmett treatment for riders. 

Guidance for rehabilitation of Kissing Spines horses.

Straightness training

Horse rider workshops. 

Trouble shooting horse behaviour



Qualifications / Affiliated Bodies / Regulated Bodies

Bowen Therapist for humans. Member of the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia since 2005

Equine Muscle Release Therapist . Qualified with Equus College of Learning and Research of Australia in 2008.

ART (Alignment Riding Therapist) since 2012.

FDSC Sport Horse Management and Coaching 

Bsc Hons 1st in Equine Psychology and Sport Science 

Level 3 Reike practitioner since 2006



My name is Julie Dexter. I have been helping people with back pain, Frozen shoulders, Joint Pain, Migraines and much more with Bowen Therapy since 2006. In 2008 I qualified to  treat horses  with Equine Muscle Release Therapy, the horse equivalent.

I came to this therapy after my own horse didn't respond to multiple other therapies, such as McTimoney, Chiropractic, Shiatsu etc. Someone mentioned that 'Bowen was good'. After which we never looked back!

  Just this year I qualified as an Emmett Equine practitioner, which has put more 'tools in my kit'  and Iuse these amazing therapies together to great effect.

I am also the author of the upcoming book 'What Horses Really Want'. Subtitled 'Ways to Improve the Wellbeing and Performance of your Equine Partner'

I am based in the East Midlands and travel out to horses in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

Bowen and Emmett therapies are  valuable tools helping horses and their riders be free from pain and  restrictions, and promoting, overall good health, soundness and symmetry.

These therapies are extremely useful before, during after exercise and competitions. On the day of a competition 'band aid' moves help to loosen and free muscles, calm nerves and improve performance. After exercise, recovery is enhanced, with heart rate rapidly reduced and the removal of lactate encouraged, resulting in little or no stiffness the next day.

Horses (and humans) generally find the treatment very relaxing and the immune system is boosted. I have seen conditions such as Sarcoids and Sweet itch improve following regular treatment.  

Bowen works on connective tissue and is essentially a very effective form of fascial release. Moves are at specific points on the body which relate to Accupressure points, lymphatic drainage points and at the origin and insertions of muscles. Emmett therapy involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points, referred to as “Emmett points”.The points are not the same as traditional trigger points or acupressure points or any other points described in any other therapy. The pressure required to stimulate the EMMETT points does not need to be firm or painful. “No pain no gain” has no place in EMMETT or Bowen Technique philosophy.

I have a particular interest in Horse and Rider biomechanics, and alongside the therapy, can advise riders on how to keep themselves and their horses sounder for longer. My interest has led me to taking training with many different biomechanics experts over the years and I also have a coaching qualification.Rehabilitation guidance and advice on management also available.

I travel out to individual clients horses and can offer reduced rates for multiple bookings at the same yard.Rider treatments may be performed fully clothed and seated ( including on the horse!) or standing as required. Two treatments, initially, are recommended around a week apart, with advice given as to possible further appointments needed, at the second one. Often two treatments is enough with a six monthly 'top-up' advised, particularly for working animals. Treatments can help with;

  • Unexplained lack of performance
  • Refusing jumps
  • Difficult transitions
  • Bucking or rearing
  • Disunited canter
  • Intermittant lameness
  • Lameness that has failed to be diagnosed
  • Muscle wastage/ overbuild/ assymetry
  • Loss of form
  • Behavioural problems 
  • "Cold back"
  • General stiffness
  • One sidedness
  • Not wanting to be saddled/ ridden or even be caught.
  • Respiratory issues
  • Immune function problems ( skin problems, sarcoids, constant infections)

I also offer one day workshops covering management and assessment of the horse for owners wishing to help their own horses. Please ask for details.

Coming!! Two day  'Heal your own Horse'  workshops covering assessment, common causes of problems and an overview of different healing techniques. How to use crystals and how to give healing to your own horse/ pet.


Further Information

Years of experience 17
Locations East Midlands. Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Melton Mowbray
Prices Assessment and treatment of one horse. Includes call out * £60 Assessment, treatment of horse and rider £100 Human treatments £50 Or if treated in my clinic £40 *Additional call out charges may need to be applied depending on distance travelled


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