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Photo - Lucy Gover

Lucy Gover Equine Sports Massage - Broadbridge Heath, Horsham

Physical Therapy

General Information

Professional / Company name Lucy Gover Equine Sports Massage
Profession Physical Therapy
Location Horsham
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

Equine Sports Massage

Qualifications / Affiliated Bodies / Regulated Bodies

Lucy is fully qualified in Equine Sports Massage(EEBW) and Rider Holistic Massage(ITEC Level 3) Aiming to help horse and rider work in comfort and harmony.


A long history, working with and riding horse has allowed me to understand how they respond to daily stress and ailment. The movement of a horse is shared and disrupted by the rider, the two are unified. I offer horse and rider massage to encourage complete harmony and comfort for both. Studying Equine Sports Massage and Human Holistic Massage allowed me to assimilate a lifetime of experience with a formal education, which demonstrates how motion and daily exercising/routine translates into strains and stresses for both the rider and horse.

Rider Holistic Massage – Helps alleviate problems caused from riding and yard duties, I can then identify how your riding style can affect the body. This can iron out problems with riding and improve your riding experience and competence. Achieving this will allow you to get the full potential from your horse. As riders we too experience pressures upon our body. Years of riding.

Equine Sports Massage - As with humans, horses are susceptible to aches, pains, stiffness and tight areas. However, they communicate their discomfort with subtle changes in behavior, ears back as you tack up, becoming aggressive, avoiding and evading commands whilst being ridden etc etc, any change in your horse no matter how big or small could be a way to tell you that they are not comfortable or happy. With regular massage we can ensure peace of mind that your horse is feeling no aches and pains and able to work to his full potential.

Riding- I offer to watch rider and horse in action which will allow me to understand your partnership and see your weaker/tighter areas to choose the right course of action to improve the wellbeing of you both.

Rehabilitation - Working in conjunction with a vet can be effective in accelerating horses recovery rate after an operation or injury.

Further Information

Years of experience 3
Locations Petrol will be added if outside the horsham area. Group discounts also given.
Prices Prices: Equine Massage - £35 a session Rider Massage - £30/half hour, £45/hour


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