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Photo -  Melanie Watson

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Melanie Watson - Cottingham, East Yorkshire

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General Information

Name Melanie Watson
Gender Female
Height 154
Weight 60
Location Cottingham East Yorkshire
Nationality British
Languages British



Melanie S Watson is a member of ABMA (Animal Behaviour Management Alliance) PPGBI (Pet Professional Guild-British Isles) and IAABC (International Animal Behaviour Consultants)

She is an Equine Behaviour Consultant and Trainer based in East Yorkshire. For the lasy 33 years Melanie has helped horse owners UK wide with unwanted and worrying behaviours. You can call and shedule a consultation anytime on 07720 758425. Speaking with Melanie will immediately help you understand why your horse is behaving the way it is a nd a forward training plan is devised. Forward coaching will follow up this consulatation.

Melanie will visit your yard for the day to see what changes can be made in management, environment and care as well as starting to produce a training plan. You will be trained in the skills needed and Melanie will follow up the day with all the help you need via phone, video appraisal or further visits.

Horses can come in for training at her yard in Skidby, East Yorkshire HU165TG where she will training using kind, force-free methods based on Applied behavioural science. As owners, you are encouraged to be here as much as you possibly can so that Melanie and her staff can invest in you along the way.

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Ring on 07720 758425

Professional Trainer

Years of experience 35
Ethos and about me I am a positive reinforcement horse/animal trainer based in East Yorkshire. I follow protocols set down in applied behavioural science and learning theory. I am the only trainer in the UK where you can send your horse to be trained using force-free methods using Counter conditioning, systematic desensitisation and clicker training. Shaping good and strong future behaviours or modification from unwanted behaviours to calm and relaxed requires me to train horses on the emotional level. All behav


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