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Photo - Rhiannon  Bradford

Bradford's Veterinary Physiotherapy - Malvern, Herefordshire/Worcestershire


General Information

Professional / Company name Bradford's Veterinary Physiotherapy
Profession Physiotherapist
Location Herefordshire/Worcestershire
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

Treatments Available

Manual Treatment:

  • Joint Mobilisations and Manipulations
  • Soft Tissue mobilisations
  • Myofascial Release
  • Acupressure
  • Stretches
  • Neural mobilisation


  • H-Wave
  • Class 3b Laser - LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy)
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

Rehabilitation Advice:

  • Education and advice through post-operative period
  • Progressive and reactive to changes through recovery

Tailored Exercise Plans and Progression:

  • Specific and prescriptive exercises for your horse
  • Progressive and adaptive exercises at each stage
  • Designed to teach and facilitate you and your horse to progress and develop
  • Goal driven towards set targets and outcomes

Qualifications / Affiliated Bodies / Regulated Bodies

Rhiannon Bradford

MSc Vet Phys. BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC ACPAT Cat A.




Providing the very best in Specialist Physiotherapy Services, Consultancy and Advice across Herefordshire, surrounding countiesand across into Europe. We are the gateway to achieving both a successful outcome for both yourself and your animal. We work with a multitude of other team members in order to collaborate professional expertise to achieve your desired outcome.

We are highly experienced human Chartered Physiotherapists (BSc Hons MCSP) who have gone on to achieve post-graduate qualifications into Veterinary Physiotherapy either through The Royal Veterinary College, London or The University of the West of England. This means all our Physiotherapists have an MSc (Master or Science) or a Pg. Dip (Post-graduate Diploma) in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Many years of training on top of years of practical Physiotherapy knowledge means we offer a team of expertise second to none.

Bradford's Veterinary Physiotherapy offers a very unique and fresh approach to Veterinary Care as a whole and looks to work very closely with all concerned to ensure the root causes and influences are tackled to achieve not only a short term improvement but very much a long term gain through education and advice for long term change. We are a forward thinking practice who likes to ‘Think out of the box' in order to achieve wondrous results!

Physiotherapy Benefits

The key benefits of using our Physiotherapy service are:

  • Chartered Physiotherapists
  • World Class Physiotherapy Service
  • Consultancy and Second Opinion Service (SOS)
  • Tailored and Outcome Focused Approach
  • Specialist Physical Assessment and Treatment (90min session-initial assessment/treatment)
  • Full Liaison within Multi-Disciplinary Support Team
  • A Full and Supporting Service from A-Z
  • Evidence Based Techniques and Approaches (60min session-follow up treatment)
  • A Centre for 'Everything Physiotherapy'
  • A Personal Service which Targets both Horse and Rider Issues
  • Close Working Unison with World renowned Farriers/Veterinarians/Equine Specialists
  • The Best that Physiotherapy has to offer

What are the Practical Benefits of using one of our Physiotherapists?

  • Improved Strength and Flexibility in Movement for both Horse and Rider
  • Improved Overall Movement Quality
  • Improved Muscle Balance and Symmetry
  • Reduced Healing Times
  • A Faster Return to Work Post Injury
  • Effective, Progressive, Practical Rehabilitation and Advice
  • Accessible, Flexible and Available Service

Equine Testimonials

I have known Tim Bradford for about 4 years now and have worked with him on several different horses and also he treats me on a regular basis.

Tim always treats each horse individually with the utmost care and attention to detail. He always researches each horse's history and uses a variety of treatments to cater for their specific needs. He is always very good at explaining his techniques so we can continue with the best possible care for the horses.

I know from a personal opinion, that Tim is incredibly clever when dealing with humans too! He understands the strains of my job on my body and has always managed to sort out a variety of problems that I have gone to him with!

Mr Alan Davies - Travelling groom to Carl Hester MBE - Olympic Gold Medalist and International Dressage Champion.

Very valued team members of our production yard. We wouldn't have any of the results we've had if it wasn't for the guys at Bradfords.

Matt McGivern

When Tim Bradford arrived at our yard 7 years we were very keptical. We had been through several physiotherapists, none of whom in our humble opinion had 'cut the mustard'. Fast forward to 2015, Tim has worked on several of our World Champion horses and has definitely played a big part of their success. He has altered the way we think about our horses and how we work them. We have a more athletic, supple and sounder horse thanks to Bradford Physio and more importantly the ability to know the difference!

Monnington Morgans

I have used Bradfords Veterinary Physiotherapy since 2010 after referral from my vet. I have nothing but praise for the highly professional way both Tim and his fellow physios go about their work. We have a mix of dressage horses, retired eventers and ponies and all have been treated, according to their needs, keeping the competition horses in work and winning. I always have total confidence in their treatment and know I could not find better.

Michelle Dowell

Further Information

Years of experience 20
Locations Providing the very best in Specialist Physiotherapy Services, Consultancy and Advice across Herefordshire, surrounding counties and across into Europe.