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Photo -  Andrew Moody

Andrew Moody - ,

Trainers / Instructors / Coaches

General Information

Name Andrew Moody
Gender Male
Height 180
Weight 75
Nationality British
Languages British


Breaking & Producing
Riding Schools


When I act with kindness, understanding and patience toward a horse, I experience them responding with gentleness, joy, and a willingness to work with me. When I have been short tempered, angry, or forceful with a horse, they have retracted away, responding with fear, tension, and unwillingness to work with me. So, no matter the job to be done with them, or the equestrian discipline worked within, connecting and working with the horse from the heart with compassion allows us to observe the horse, to learn who they are, and what they are about. It is to see their heart. Without this, we are stuck in only applying a series of techniques and skills. Horsemanship is an art form; a higher art, the mastery of which is a life-long pursuit. Perfecting the skills and techniques, as well as developing the knowledge and understanding of how to work correctly with horses, provides a vital foundation for any equestrian discipline. Continually working to master these skills and techniques in equitation begins to open new doors, to be able to work with the horse in more refined and understanding ways. It allows us to provide the horse with the structures, boundaries and guidance needed, so that they can go through their own process of learning about and mastering their own body, movement and technique, thus giving way to artistry. Beginning to master the art of horsemanship is also realising the need to master the ability to reflect inwardly, to see our heart, and know our own self. This is what is most important in horsemanship, and where all our work with the horse should come from. Being able to look within is to see our own part in any challenge or problem. It is to refrain our frustration, emotion or ego, and work to change them, becoming self disciplined, and working from a different place in ourselves; contemplative, and compassionate. This is the cornerstone for advancing, and building a trusting partnership with the horse. It provides a sensitivity to be able to observe and listen to the horse. It creates an openness and willingness to allow the horse to take things at their own pace, to be able to see the try in the horse, and develop feel, to know when to give of yourself, and allow the horse the space to give of their self. I believe every person working with horses has the ability to work in this way, if they are willing to work hard at it, to cultivate it.

Professional Trainer

Years of experience 2
Training prices and locations What is most important to me is being able to offer my professionalism in horsemanship, for those who think I can help them. I am willing to travel to you. Prices depend upon work undertaken, and distance from my home, so please contact to discuss.
Ethos and about me Pursuit of horsemanship as an art. To understand how to help you build a better working relationship with your horse based on trust, compassion, and understanding. Working together with you, understanding where you are both at in your work, thinking about where you both need to be, and creating ways to help you both get there in achievable steps. Over twenty years experience working with horses.


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